Undergraduate Students

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Students

Photo of Julian Bok

Julian Bok

Major: Psychology
Year in School: Sophomore
Joined the Lab: Fall 2019

I am very excited to dive into my first opportunity to get involved in research in the Child Emotion Lab! My interest in research stemmed from my curiosity developed in psychology classes as well as my passion for working with children. I hope to finish my undergraduate degree and then pursue a field where I get to work with children in a clinical setting. Having the opportunity to participate in research not only allows me to get hands-on exposure but also enables me to have a lasting experience by giving me the tools to help me succeed in pursuing my aspirations. In my free time, I love spending time in the outdoors, playing and watching sports, and listening to music.


Photo of Anisa Ciaciura

Anisa Ciaciura

Major: Psychology and Neurobiology with Global Health Certificate
Year in School: Junior
Joined the Lab: Spring 2019

I previously was involved in a surgical transplant lab but was motivated to involve myself in a different side of research and gain exposure to the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying human emotions. I am focused on understanding individual differences in psychophysiological responses to stress, especially experiences to early life stress. The Child Emotion Lab allows me to integrate many of my interests including the processes of linking emotion, neural plasticity, and mental health.

I hope to work with kids in the future whether it be specializing in pediatrics or family medicine. My experience with youth includes coaching for Millennium Soccer Club, serving as a summer camp counselor, and volunteering at the UW-American Family Children’s Hospital in the Diagnostic and Therapy Center. Additionally, I have spent several years volunteering for Best Buddies, an international non-profit working to create opportunities and friendships for students and citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Some quick facts about me: I am from the city of Chicago, love traveling, photography, and soccer!

Photo of Ananya Damodare

Ananya Damodare

Major: Neurobiology
Year in School: Sophomore
Joined the Lab: Spring 2019

I am really curious about the interaction of seemingly inherent traits and the environment and how these factors shape individuals.  I am also interested in understanding the role of the brain in shaping behavior.

Photo of Zoey Dlott

Zoey Dlott

Major: Social Work & Spanish
Year in school: Sophomore
Joined the lab: Spring 2019

I have always loved working with children and it is what I would like to do once I graduate! This lab offers the experience to learn about the research process while engaging in activities with children. All throughout high school I coached youth soccer as well as tutored elementary school students in my favorite subject; math.

Photo of Sarah Fieweger

Sarah Fieweger

Major: Psychology
Year in School: Senior
Joined the Lab: January 2019

I am interested in researching the mechanisms of emotional development in children to further understand the role emotion has in shaping behavior. I aspire to pursue a career in forensic psychology and work with youth in the juvenile justice system.

Photo of Selin Gok

Selin Gök

Major: Psychology with Global Health Certificate
Year in School: Senior
Joined the Lab: Spring 2017

My growing interest in the development of alternative interventions for affective disorders has led me to my research experience with the Child Emotion Research Lab. As a First Wave and PEOPLE scholar under the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA) at UW-Madison, I have had many opportunities to create innovative, therapeutic spaces for youth in need. Specifically, I have partnered with UW-Madison administration, faculty, and student services to give undergraduate DDEEA scholars access to unlimited counseling services at no cost through the Counseling Psychology Training Clinic (CPTC). Also, I have taught hip hop influenced creative writing workshops through the John Vietnam Nguyen (JVN) Project to youth within the Madison Metropolitan School District. Through such experiences, I have gained a deeper understanding of the genetic and environmental factors of childhood that influence the progression of disorders like generalized anxiety, bipolar, and major depression. In the future, I hope to apply my knowledge and skills to pursue a career in clinical psychology with the intention to facilitate high impact, long-lasting, and low-stigma treatments for populations in need.

Photo of Alexander Henoch

Alex Henoch

Major: Psychology and Social Work
Year in School: Sophomore
Joined the lab: Spring 2020

This is my first semester in the lab, and I’m super excited to be working here. I am really interested in the child emotion field. Although I’ve never experienced a lab setting before, it isn’t my first time working with kids. I’ve spent the past few summers working at a summer camp. It has really solidified my passion for helping others, especially children and adolescents. In my free time I like listening to music, watching movies, going to hockey games, and hanging out with friends.

Photo of Julius Khoo

Julius Khoo

Major: Neurobiology & Psychology
Year in School: Senior
Joined the lab: Spring 2020

I am interested in a wide range of subjects. I speak five languages, I play the piano, and I’ve given a TEDx talk. Primarily, though, I think what drives me, at least as of right now, is that life is simply interesting. As I age and gain more experiences, life gets better as I grow in competence and gain mastery over the things I do, and that leads to confidence and pleasure. Things not only become more familiar as you grow older, but your knowledge base grows as well, providing insight and perspective on what matters, what doesn’t, and how the world shapes you. The Child Emotion Lab has provided me the wonderful opportunity to work with an experienced and knowledgeable mentor, so that I can learn from the best on neuroimaging, and with working with adolescents. I am fascinated by current sleep research, dream research, psychedelic research, and am interested in where we’re heading towards in science.

Photo of Anastasia Luridas

Anastasia Luridas

Major: Psychology and Retail and Consumer Behavior minoring in Mathematics
Year in School: Sophomore
Joined the lab: Spring 2020

I am interested in the way one’s experiences and biological characteristics shape who be become. I specifically would like to observe the interactions between humans and systems like the market and environment are cultivated. I applied to work in the lab because I love children and I hope to gain insight on human development. When I am not in the lab you can see me taking pictures, listening to music, or spending time with friends.

Photo of Kinjal Mehta

Kinjal Mehta

Major: Psychology
Year in School: 
Joined the lab: Spring 2020

I’ve always been interested in the mechanisms of the human brain and want to learn more about human behavior and emotions. I want to be able to use logic and reason to understand the core passions like love, hate, envy, fear, hope, and how these emotions are influenced by external and internal factors starting from infancy.

In my free time, you can find me curled up in a couch, reading a book or exploring the outdoors.

Photo of Ava Parker

Ava Painter

Major: Neurobiology
Year in School: Sophomore
Joined the Lab: Summer 2019

I am excited to be a part of the Child Emotion Lab as an opportunity to learn more about research and be involved in understanding how we can support child development particularly for those experiencing early high-stress environments. I hope to pursue a career in research after my time at UW-Madison. In my free time, I go horseback riding, play the cello, and bike around Madison.

Photo of Yifan Shi

Yifan Shi

Major: Psychology and Certificate in Education and Educational Services
Year in School: Junior
Joined the Lab: Fall 2019

Interested in field of Psychology and Education,  I am really excited to be able to join the Child Emotion Research lab to gain more insights on child development, child pathology, treatment and preventive plans through both research experiences and hands-on experiences. I believe lab experience in the Child Emotion Research lab will significantly benefit my future graduate studies in the field of counseling or clinical psychology and even my career goal as a child development psychologist, a counseling psychologist or a clinical practitioner.

Photo of Julie Shih

Julie Shih

Major: Psychology with Art certificate
Year in School: Senior
Joined the Lab: Summer 2019

I’m so glad that I’ll have the opportunity to participate in the lab. I plan to keep studying for a master’s degree after I graduate and become an Art therapist in the future. I’ve always wanted to conduct what I’ve learned in real life. Hence, I applied for the lab. Within my leisure time, I like to swim and watch movies.

Photo of Chloe Stevens

Chloe Stevens

Major: Psychology and Biochemistry
Year in School: Sophomore
Joined the Lab: Summer 2019

I am eager to start my lab experience in the Child Emotion Lab.  Previously, I had been a dance instructor for young kids. I was fascinated by how they interacted with each other and the ways they learned dance moves. This lab allows me to explore these interests as well as others involving memories and emotions.

I plan on attending medical school to become a pediatrician and continue working with youth.  In addition to teaching dance, I am involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters to help mentor kids in the Madison area.  When I am not in the lab, you can find me making my way through coffee shops, dancing, and cooking.



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