The spring 2017 lab group.

Photo by David Nevala

About Us

Located at the Waisman Center, our primary goal is to unite cutting edge science with research aimed at improving children’s wellbeing.  Our research focuses on the influences of social risk factors on children’s brain and behavioral development, with particular focus on emotions, learning, and children’s health.

Participant engaging in computer lab activity with lab staff

Our main questions focus on the development of human emotion:

  • How do children’s emotions develop?
  • How are emotions shaped by biology and experience?
  • Which components of the social brain remain flexible and plastic over childhood?
  • How are emotions related to mental and physical health in children?
  • How can understanding children’s brain development inform policies and programs to support children’s health, welfare, and education?
  • Which aspects of child development may be most open to treatments and interventions to support healthy stress regulation and social functioning?