For Parents

How can my child participate in this child development research?

If you have looked through our web site, have seen one of our ads, or have heard about our research from others and would like to have your child participate, please fill out our registration form below to indicate your interest.  Feel free to contact us anytime at (608) 890-2525.

What will happen when my child comes to your lab to participate in a study?

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Giving Your Informed Consent

When you and your child arrive at our lab we will tell you about the study and answer any questions you have. You will then be asked to read and sign the consent form, indicating that you have been informed about the activities involved in the study and are giving permission for your child’s participation. If your child is older than age 11, we will give your child their own form to sign. Regardless of your child’s age, we will ensure that all children understand what will happen during their visit.

What Happens to the Data Collected?

For many of our studies, we code children’s computer responses, eye movements, brain activity, or responses to questionnaires and save this information in electronic form. In some studies, samples of children’s saliva, urine, or pictures of their brains are also stored. You will always know before you agree to participate in a study what kind of data we are collecting.  All information is coded by number, never by name. The information we collect is only used for the purposes described to you in the consent form, not for any other purpose. The results from our studies are typically first presented at a professional scientific conference (never with information identifying any individual participants) and then reported in a scientific journal.

What About Confidentiality?

All information about families who have chosen to register for our research is kept highly secure and is never shared with anyone outside of our laboratory. All participants in our studies are identified by number rather than by name or any other identifying information in all research records.  All records and data are treated as confidential.