For Kids

Participating in Research is Fun!

Becoming a Part of Our Lab

Visiting our lab is a positive and fun experience for both children and parents.  The activities vary depending on which experiment you are participating in, but they often involve computer games or puzzles. 

Participants look at a book together

Play Games!

We have all sorts of things to do at the lab, including interactive computer programs and puzzles! The best part is that the activities are a part of the research!

Researcher assisting a young boy with a computer task.

Pick a Prize!

Lab visits typically do not last longer than one hour, and at the end of the session kids get to choose a prize!  Participating in our lab is a cool way to learn more about your brain and gain exposure to science!

Participant earning a prize

Learn About Science!

Lab staff adjusts EEG cap on participant


Here, a participant is trying on an EEG cap. EEG stands for Electroencephalography and is used to monitor the electrical activity in your brain. The cap goes over a participant’s head while electrodes are connected to their scalp. The EEG cap is able to create a map of what it sees in the brain and Researchers are then able to use this map to learn about the messages your brain is sending. It’s kind of like reading your mind!

A child waves from the MRI simulator.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This participant is testing out the MRI machine.  MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  Unlike the EEG cap, which measures electrical activity in the brain, the MRI measures blood flow to interpret messages sent by the brain.  This works by sending an image to the Researchers of where blood activity is currently happening in the brain. Researchers are then able to see which parts of the brain are currently in use-also like reading your mind!