Weaknesses in Emotion-Expression Research Outlined in New Report

Facial expressions don’t always mean what you think they do.  Check out this great write-up of our newest paper published by Seth Pollak, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ralph Adolphs, Stacy Marsella, and Aleix M. Martinez.

“The authors note that the general public and some scientists believe that there are unique facial expressions that reliably indicate six emotion categories: anger, sadness, happiness, disgust, fear, and surprise. But in reviewing more than 1,000 published findings about facial movements and emotions, they found that typical study designs don’t capture the real-life differences in the way people convey and interpret emotions on faces. A scowl or a smile can express more than one emotion depending on the situation, the individual, or the culture, they say.” Read more: https://www.psychologicalscience.org/news/releases/emotion-expressions-pspi.html