Pablo Caceres Maldondo


Pablo Cacerés

Pablo Caceres Maldondo, Graduate Student
B.A., 2014, University of Chile (Sociology)
M.P.P., 2016, University of Chile (Public Policy)

My research interests focus on the behavioral and neurobiological mechanisms through which acute psychosocial stress (i.e., social embarrassment or evaluation) and chronic psychosocial stress (i.e., poverty, neglect or maltreatment) impact self-regulation and learning skills in children and adolescents. By understanding such mechanisms, I hope to pinpoint factors that can promote positive coping and adaptation under adverse circumstances; and ultimately identify means to intervene at risk-populations for negative health and academic outcomes. Before coming to Madison, I completed an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy at the Universidad de Chile. Furthermore, I spent two years working as research assistant in a cognitive neuroscience lab in Chile. I am currently supported by a Fulbright Fellowship and a Scholarship from the Chilean Government.