Cory Burghy

Photo of Cory Burghy

Cory Burghy, Assistant Scientist
BA Psychology (2001, UW-Madison)
MS Clinical Psychology (2008, University of Wyoming, Mentor: Eric Dearing)
PhD in Experimental Psychology (2010, University of Wyoming, Mentor: Narina Nunez)
Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2014, UW-Madison; PIs: Davidson & Essex)

My research interests encompass the developmental trajectories of emotion understanding and regulation across childhood and adolescence as impacted by adversity (e.g., poverty, stress, maltreatment). In particular, I am interested in the biobehavioral correlates of early life stress and how children synthesize stress and unpredictability in the home into their own personal constructions of the world around them. My current research focuses on how poverty and housing stability in the first decade may be reflected in individual differences in affective experience, decision making, and academic success.